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Welcome to the lab

This page will help start you off in the Roach Brain Lab. If you are already a "roach brainiac" this page is also a reminder of what our lab is, what it is not, and the nature of work relationships in the lab.


Learn about your role in the lab.


Principle Investigator

Dr. Dominic Evangelista is your PI.
He is responsible for...

  • Obtaining funds

  • Managing the lab funds responsibly, allotting appropriate funds to students and employees, and informing those people about a lack of funds

  • Ensuring the lab is a safe and effective workplace

  • Guiding the research direction of the lab

  • Mentoring graduate students, post-docs and some undergraduate research assistants

  • Being the ultimate decision maker about lab resources and community

DNA Strand

PhD Student

PhD students are responsible for:

  • Designing and implementing their research project with guidance from their mentor

  • Fulfilling their program requirements and teaching duties

  • Publishing their dissertation research

  • Applying for grants and other awards

Students should...

  • Recruit and mentor undergraduates assistants

  • Seek guidance from your PI and

  • Build an independent research network

Students should NOT...

  • Have a primary focus separate from their dissertation (if you are spending more time on things that are not your dissertation, then you probably need to change your project)

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