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I am a biologist interested in the various ways that biodiversity originates, both in the present and the past.

My current research investigates how to improve phylogenetic inference. While access to phylogenetic data has grown exponentially, phylogenetic methodology has not kept pace. To improve upon this, I have studied how to meaningfully assess support in phylogenetic inference, how to recover a robust phylogeny using the most informative elements of a dataset, and how to resolve discrepancies between gene trees and species trees using novel evolutionary models. I apply these research methods in exploring the phylogeny of Blaberoidean cockroaches—the second most speciose group of Polyneopteran insects.

My past research explored how: landscape-level processes interact with animal diversity; dispersal ability might affect evolution of geographic ranges; measures of species richness are affected by methods of species delimitation; cockroach biodiversity is distributed across the Guiana Shield.


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