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(Updated Fall 2020)
Refereed journal articles
14.    Evangelista, Goodman, Kohli, Maflamills, Samuel-Foo, Herrera, Ware, Wilson. (2020). Why Diversity Matters Among Those Who Study Diversity. American Entomologist. 66, 3, 42-49.
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7.       Evangelista, Thouze, Kohli, Lopez, & Legendre. (2018). Topological support and data quality can only be assessed through multiple tests in Blattodea phylogeny. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2018.05.007
6.       Evangelista,  Djernaes, & Kohli. (2017). Fossil calibrations for the phylogeny of cockroaches (Blattodea), redescription of the oldest Blaberidae and a comment on the use of wings. Palaeontologia Electronica. 20.3.1.FC: 1-23.

5.       Evangelista, Russel, Bourne, Russell, & Ware. (2017). Evidence that dispersal barriers influence blaberoid cockroach assemblages in a neotropical savanna-forest matrix. Insect Biodiversity and Conservation.  10. 425–438. 10.1111/icad.12246

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3.       Evangelista, Chan, Kaplan, Wilson, & Ware. (2015) The Blattodea ss (Insecta: Dictyoptera) of the Guiana Shield. ZooKeys.475. 37-87. 10.3897/zookeys.475.7877

2.       Evangelista, Bourne, & Ware. (2013). Species richness estimates of Blattodea s.s. (Insecta:Dictyoptera) from northern Guyana vary depending upon methods of species delimitation. Systematic Entomology. 39. 150-158. 10.1111/syen.12043

1.       Evangelista, Buss, & Ware. (2013) Using DNA barcodes to identify a new invasive cockroach in New York City. Journal of Economic Entomology. 106:6. 2275-2279.

Published abstracts and book contributions

13.      Evangelista, & Ware. (2015). What can we learn from a phylogeny of Blaberoidea? Metaleptea. 35. 2-14.

14.     Evangelista. (2017). Species account: Eurycotis blattoides. In. Suriname: Natural History & Ecology. Ed. H. Hiwat, B. De Dijn, WWF Guianas. 1. 190pp.

Manuscripts in preparation

15.    Evangelista, Simon… et al. (in prep 2019). Phylogenetic synecdoche demonstrates optimality of subsampling and improves recovery of the Blaberoidea phylogeny. BioRxiv. 10.1101/601237

16.    Evangelista, O’Meara, Gilchrist … et al. (in prep 2019). The effect of overestimating gene tree discordance in a rapid radiation species tree. Systematic Biology.

1 Shared first author publication

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