Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor - Dominic A. Evangelista


I am an evolutionary biologist interested in how biodiversity originates through evolutionary processes.

My current research aims to infer phylogenies using genome-scale data, map biological trends over evolutionary histories, and to improve upon phylogenetic methods. 

My past research explored palaeoentomology, tropical community ecology, niche evolution, and species delimitation. 

You can talk to me about fantasy & sci-fi books, the oppression of societal norms, and the problems you see in higher education.


Lab members & affiliates


Emmy Fiorella Medina Espinoza

Masters student (affiliate)

Emmy has studied the biogeography of dragonflies and damselflies, as well as the fauna of Peruvian cockroaches. She is currently working on biotic homogenization in impacted rivers in the northeastern Amazon.

Emmy is knowledgeable about insects, tropical ecology, and conservation biology.


Jared Martin

Masters student

Jared is studying phylogenetic dating methods in a collaboration between Adelphi and the AMNH. 

Jared is knowledgeable about insects, arachnids and other invertebrate animals.


Ramya Banda

Undergraduate student

Ramya is studying fruit fly genetics in the Stumpf lab, as well as working on social justice research in a collaboration between the Roach Brain Lab, AMNH, and CAS (EntoPOC).

Ramya is consistently one of Adelphi's top students and she is interested in dentistry.

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Kaila Rainford-McDougall

Undergraduate student

Kaila is doing her senior capstone project on an investigation of coevolution between cockroaches and their endosymbionts.

To join the lab you can simply email me.

Here are some of the past students and colleagues I've worked with.